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Lower inflation gives homeowners hope for an interest rate cut, but what is keeping the rate so high
An interest rate cut will no doubt be a strong boost for the next uptick in the market...
18 Apr 2024
Highly Anticipated Millview Development Set to Launch in Table View, Cape Town
The eagerly awaited Millview Development in Table View, Cape Town, is set to launch online on April 25th at 19h30. With over 1200 interested purchasers already registered, the first phase of 177 units is expected to sell out rapidly...
18 Apr 2024
What you need to know about the tiny home trend
The tiny home movement has gained significant traction over the last few years, appealing to individuals who are seeking the opportunity to enjoy greater financial freedom, as well as to investors who notice the earning potential of these pint-sized dwellings...
17 Apr 2024
Semigration into the Westen Cape bodes well for the property market
Semigration to the Western Cape remains strong as people search for ‘quieter’ lifestyles...
16 Apr 2024
The pros and cons of garden cottage rentals
Renting out a garden cottage or portion of your property can be a lucrative venture that offers many financial benefits. However, it also entails risks and challenges that homeowners must carefully consider before proceeding...
16 Apr 2024
How to find an agent as a first time seller
Selling a home for the first time can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Having a reliable real estate agent at your side can make a substantial difference to how smoothly the whole process will run...
15 Apr 2024
To rent or to buy - that is the question
The decision to rent or buy a residential property in South Africa hinges on several factors. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your current life stage, financial situation, and personal circumstances all play a crucial role...
14 Apr 2024
Age matters: why buyers should always check how old a property is
All buyers should make a point of checking a property’s age and approved plans as a standard part of their purchase process – particularly if future renovations are planned...
12 Apr 2024
Unlock the Future of Urban Living in the Heart of Cape Town with Blok’s 18th Development, TENONV
TENONV is an adaptive new development that embraces our world-class city's unique contrasts in perfect harmony...
11 Apr 2024
Knowing when to hold and when to sell a property
The decision to hold onto a property or to sell it involves a delicate balance of financial analysis, market trends, personal circumstances, and risk assessment...
10 Apr 2024
Navigating tax obligations for foreign or expat property buyers in South Africa
Proactive tax planning before repatriation or property acquisition can mitigate potential challenges and optimise financial returns...
09 Apr 2024
SARB keeps repo rate steady at 8.25%
The South African Reserve Bank's MPC decided to hold the repo rate unchanged at 8.25%...
27 Mar 2024
How your pets influence your home search
It has become a popular choice among young buyers to delay parenthood in favour of pet ownership, which is changing the requirements for house hunting. Our furry companions are emerging as unexpected but invaluable allies in the quest for the perfect home...
25 Mar 2024
How to navigate real estate investments in a changing economy
Navigating through changing economic tides requires a blend of foresight, adaptability, and strategic planning...
25 Mar 2024
A seven-step novice guide to savvy real estate investing
There are seven major steps to factor into your property investment strategy. Mastering these at the outset will save a lot of pain down the line...
23 Mar 2024
How to ensure you make a good property investment
Investors always tell you not to put all your eggs into one basket, but to spread your investments around, but property might be one exception, and it is one area where it is fine to put all your money into paying off your home...
21 Mar 2024
Navigating property investment for wealth building: Benefits and pitfalls
Investing in real estate has long been considered a reliable strategy for building wealth because while stocks and bonds are often the go-to investment options, property is a tangible asset which offers unique advantages that can accelerate wealth accumulation over time...
20 Mar 2024
Global real estate outlook: Key themes in 2024
There are several key factors shaping the global outlook, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors, developers, and stakeholders alike...
19 Mar 2024
Investing in success - 10 habits of successful property investors
10 habits of successful real estate investors that can serve as a roadmap to prosperity...
14 Mar 2024
Uncover Northern Cape's Charms: 7 enchanting homes for sale starting at R1.5m
Whether you're craving a change of pace or seeking some countryside serenity, check out these seven picturesque Northern Cape destinations...
11 Mar 2024